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Remove Vaccine Clinics and Propaganda from Iowa Schools

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There has been an attack on our youth in Iowa. One only has to look at the actual data on Iowa's coronavirus reporting website, to see that our children are not affected by this virus. The percentage of coronavirus deaths under 30 is virtually 0 percent.  Yet our children were forced to wear harmful face coverings all day every day last year until Iowa's parents stood up and made their voices heard. We wrote thousands of emails, made phone calls and went to our school board meetings and finally went to the Capitol and enlisted the aid of our Governor and Legislators. They heard us and in the defense of our children, made it illegal for schools to mandate masks.  -THANK YOU  Governor Reynolds and Our Heartland Heroes at the Capitol. 

IT'S TIME TO DO IT AGAIN. Now our children and parents are being coerced into getting an experimental vaccine that has had thousands of reported deaths and hundreds of thousands of reported side effects, see Vaers

There are vaccine clinics in the schools and propaganda hanging on the walls and being sent out daily to our parents and children. They are being coerced and even bribed to take these experimental EUA shots.

By signing this petition you are joining forces with other Iowan's and Iowa parents AND STANDING UP AGAIN. 

Governor Reynolds and our elected Legislators. We need you to come to the aid of our children one more time by banning vaccine clinics and propaganda in schools and making it illegal to target our children. We need to leave these medical decisions and discussions to Iowa parents and their family physicians.

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