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Demand for Immediate Resignation of the following Cherokee County BOE Members

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Petition Demand for Immediate Resignation of Cherokee County School Board Members for lack of transparency, suppression of free speech, failure to uphold the will of the majority constituents, illogical view of their place over the children, above the parent’s wishes and roles, complete lack of regard for the people funding their jobs, and giving them their titles through votes.: 

  • Chair Kyla Cromer 

  • Clark Menard District 5 

  • Kelly Poole District 1 

  • Mike Chapman District 6 

  • Patsy Jordan District 2 



In May of this year, the almost entire group of over 400 parents inside, and another roughly 200 outside, made their voices heard against the CRT Resolution proposed by the School Board. It wasn't because we wanted CRT, but because we had spent hundreds of hours researching the programs and initiatives these theories would be going in under, that the first five paragraphs of the resolution that were NOT read aloud that night, invited it into our schools. To include DEI, SEL, CASEL Edgenuity, our seniors are using, 7 Mindsets, Panorama, GLISI, etc. The resolution was a curtain only. We knew it was coming.  

The past two weeks of school, assignments including critical race theory concepts, have flooded our district.  

The ELA revamp we were all concerned with, includes a current 7 week unit, for the entire district’s 9th grade students, centralized around a story about our district as the ‘heroin triangle of North Georgia’, and says the most potent way to enact change is through voting. The entire 9th grade class of the District, in all 6 high schools are then supposed to choose among the provided political topics to write on, including LGBTQ, gun control, women’s, children’s rights, immigration, government assistance and systemic racism. To even cite ‘systemic racism’ in our county, or country as a fact, is telling our children they are oppressed, oppressors, or witnesses not standing against it. There are laws against that level of racial discrimination against complete races. This isn’t a simple assignment to talk to a principal about. It is a full district assignment. 

And how convenient that these children also received a syllabus telling them that if they recorded the class, it would be a violation of a teacher’s ‘civil rights’ that the parent and student were supposed to sign.  Georgia is a one party consent state, and Supreme court precedent actually reveals the opposite concerning a teacher’s ‘civil rights’ here. Another 9th grade Lit class (further into this unit) had an assignment correcting a ‘sample children’s essay’ on guess what,…'systemic racism’.  

Students are being given information sheets to fill out indicating their ‘preferred pronouns’.  

Our dress code contains the words ‘equitable’ across ‘genders’ in it, as well as notes CCSD as striving to enforce the dress code in a manner that ‘does not reinforce or increase marginalization or ‘oppression’ of any student or group with the examples of ‘race, or gender’.’ 

An AP US History class has a textbook that cites the US as being ‘slow in testing for the spread of the virus’, and people who ‘resisted complying with health guidelines for social distancing and wearing protective face masks’ as CONTRIBUTING to the ‘spread of the disease to over 4 million Americans’ and ‘approximately 150,000 deaths by the end of July 2020.’ It goes on to give a quote that the ‘gravest threat to freedom comes from those incapable of imagining any vision of freedom except their own.’ That doesn’t sound like a support of individual freedom that our country was founded on. ‘Our’ freedom is, by definition, ‘our’ freedom. 

AP US History? How about ‘current issue’ propaganda?

This week a teacher was asked to remove a Back the Blue flag in his room in Cherokee County, and subsequently resigned. 

A BOE meeting was shut down. Link below.

1964 Supreme Court Case of NY Times vs. Sullivan established Constitutional Case Law in this country in which the judges declared that “This nation is founded on the profound national commitment on the principal that debate on public issue shall be uninhibited, robust and wide open, and that it may well include vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.’ Free speech, and the first amendment is the very thread on which our nation was founded. 

We the people, demand the aforementioned five BOE members resign immediately. 

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