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Stop the racist and divisive "Community For All" resolution

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Dear Marathon County Constituents:

Are you concerned about the Community For All resolution and what it means for Marathon County? Perhaps you've heard about it in the news or you've seen the catchy-worded yard signs around Wausau?   

We want Marathon County to be a welcoming place for all, however, this resolution falls short. This resolution is written to divide us — not unite us. Here's how:

Board members and unelected members of the Diversity Affairs Commission are pushing social engineering through the dangerous socialist and marxist ideologies of systemic racism, and DIE (diversity, inclusion and equity) -- which is Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Versions of the resolutions:

After the Civil Rights Act was hard fought and passed now the principle of equality is under attack once again. Under the guise of “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion,” Americans are being told that we are not all created equal. We are created, they say, into groups of “privileged” and “oppressed.” We are told that people of color can never succeed because an invisible “system” of racism exists everywhere. We are told that the government must distribute benefits based on race, using present-day race discrimination in the hopes of somehow making up for past discrimination. This theory, called Critical Race Theory, is invading our schools, workplaces, and government programs like a virus. (Source:

A few key details of the Community For All resolution that you should know: 

  • It’s racist! It makes everything about race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.—not about content of character. We should be making decisions and striving for outcomes based on what the great, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. once famously said, "I have a dream that people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." 
  • This resolution is also unconstitutional. It violates our freedom of speech (1st Amendment) and fair and equal protection under the law (14th Amendment).
  • In the resolution the word "Equity"  means: equal outcomes (not equality).
  • The resolution alleges that Marathon County citizens are responsible for various negative outcomes from individual lives due to systemic racism as being the cause! In America, we have the freedom to choose most aspects of our lives, therefore, there will be various degrees of outcomes related to income, health, etc. To make everything equitable (or equal) is not pro-justice or pro-freedom because equity stresses the ideologies of equal outcomes. Consequently, freedoms would be stripped away as the County makes sure that systems are in place in our local government agencies — from the county jail down to human resources — making sure there are equal outcomes within these groups as it pertains to: race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical and/or mental capabilities, and religious beliefs. 

Concerned too? What you can do:

  1. Sign this petition (below) to tell the Marathon County Board that you oppose the "Community For All" resolution because they are pushing the dangerous socialist and marxist ideologies of CRT, systemic racism, and DIE (diversity, inclusion and equity) -- e.g. equal outcomesWe want Marathon County to be a welcoming place for all, however, this resolution falls short. This resolution is written to divide us — not unite us. 
  2. Reach out to your Marathon County Supervisor (find out here.) Let them know your objection to this resolution. 
  3. Attend the County Board meeting on Thursday (8/19) at 7pm. Also, consider making a public comment against it. Register with County Clerk at 715-261-1501. (Meeting Agenda is here.)
  4. Share this link with your family and friends. Well-meaning citizens are being fooled under the guise of a catchy-worded title and have not read the fine print to see how this is actually a community for some. It is divisive and dangerous.

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