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The Penn-Delco School District is committed to the mission of enabling all students to achieve, succeed and excel.  It strives to instill in students the fundamental discipline of critical and active thinking which is based on facts, investigation, logic and sound reasoning.  Our schools provide all students an environment to learn where they are safe from bias, discrimination, hostility, intimidation, bullying, or indoctrination.


The Penn-Delco School District rejects the resolution that supports the establishment of a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Steering Committee, which is based on a false premise of systemic racism.  Systemic racism is defined as practices that have been purposefully instituted to benefit one segment of society at the expense of other.  Throughout the United States in recent years, schools have incorporated DEI training and curricula to combat the invalid notion that our present-day society is rife with systemic racism.  These curricula, which have many names (cultural proficiency, cultural competency, social justice) are intended to address a fictitious societal ill and make students the standard bearers of racial progress in our nation.  


DEI is grounded in Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is a baseless, racist, discriminatory and divisive concept.  It assigns characteristics to people based on the color of their skin whereby all white people are oppressors and privileged and people of color are oppressed, victims and bear no responsibility for their actions.  DEI and CRT have become all- pervasive in our nation’s schools, incorporated into history, literature, social studies, and even math and science classes.  While students’ performance in math and reading of all demographics across the nation has been dropping (2019 National Assessment of Education Progress) schools are reallocating teaching time and resources to DEI lessons.


Experience has borne out that DEI has not heralded an era of racial sensitivity and harmony, but instead produced just the opposite.  These lessons are dehumanizing and prevent authentic relationships among students of different demographics.  It teaches children to judge others not by their character but by their skin color – a complete reversal of the lesson of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which has been a moral foundation in education for over 50 years.  


There has been an increasing reporting by students, parents and educators from across the country of the harmful effects of DEI.  Students describe feeling ashamed, vulnerable, helpless, traumatized and bullied.  Many parents have begun homeschooling their children or transferred them to private schools which do not implement DEI.  


To date, NO evidence has been presented that demonstrated that Penn-Delco School District has purposefully or unintentionally practiced systemic racism.  In the absence of such discriminatory policies and practice, and in the face of mounting evidence of its harm, there are no basis for implementing DEI and no valid purpose or goals to be achieved.  Furthermore, although there has been a widespread adoption of DEI throughout the US, no one has demonstrated the validity and effectiveness of DEI training and teaching, nor proven the outcome of DEI training and teaching has been anything but deleterious to students, families, teachers and the community.


Taxpayers’ dollars, time and resources would be more wisely spent improving the core competencies of our students rather than indoctrinating and politicizing them into “social justice warrior.”  


Therefore, we the undersigned implore the Penn-Delco Board of School Directors to reject the resolution that supports the establishment of a DEI Steering Committee and refrain from:


1)    creating a DEI Steering Committee;

2)    creating a DEI Charter;

3)    implementing DEI training to teachers;

4)    introducing DEI related resources into the classroom;

5)    implementing DEI instruction;

6)    Incorporating DEI into the core curricula; or

7)    creating ANY staff positions to implement DEI or office for the purpose of implementing DEI.

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