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Unmask the Children

STOP the requirement for masks in Jackson schools.

Please sign our petition and tell the Jackson School Board to do what is best for our children.

Required masking of children is unnecessary and detrimental to the total health of the children.  Children are the population LEAST affected by Covid.

Cape Girardeau County Public Health Board rescinded their mask order on March 8th, yet children are still required to wear masks in school.

With students being in the age group of least risk, there is no logical reason to require masks in schools.  Let the parents decide what is best for their child.  Make the mask optional.  If parents deem it necessary, they will take care of their children.  Parents do not need the school, or the state, telling them how to care for their children.

STOP the requirement for masks in schools. 

Parents should have the right to decide for their children.

It is time to get back to normal, have human connections, and see smiling faces.


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