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To MASK or Not in Massachusetts?

While governors, health officials and popular media platforms are pushing masks as a necessary precaution to help stem the spread of the Covid-19 virus, many are balking at the orders for a number of reasons. Many do not want to wear the mask because they believe the mask hinders breathing, collects bad germs and CO2 waste, muffles voices, blocks natural communication, fosters isolation and paranoia, and is being used as an unwarranted method of control. 

Note: There are a number of exemptions to mask orders. For example, in Massachusetts, those with a medical or disabling condition do not need to wear a mask nor are they required to produce documentation verifying a medical condition (only employers and schools may require documentation). Exemptions exist for persons with hearing impairment or other disability, when eating or drinking in restaurants, receiving dental care, swimming, or for other populations designated by the Commissioner of Public Health.

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Do masks work?
Which should masks be?
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