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Petition to remove Dr. Chris Himsel as superintendent of Northwest Allen County Schools

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As the family and supporters of the students of Northwest Allen County Schools, we hereby call on the resignation of Dr. Chris Himsel as the superintendent of Northwest Allen County Schools. In the past year and a half Dr. Himsel has proven himself incapable of and unwilling to lead the community he serves. When the opportunity to unite families and students during a difficult time arose, Dr. Himsel instead chose to employ divisive tactics, immature gestures, and dismissive snubs when engaging with parents and students. We are desperately in need of a leader who is willing to put his personal politics aside and do what is best for the children in his care. Unfortunately, Dr. Himsel has been more interested in furthering his own radical ideals and clinging to his preconceived biases than in opening lines of communication and seeking out actual solutions that could better his pupils. 

In the past several months, Dr. Himsel has resorted to smearing parents in the media, inappropriate outburst during board meetings, breaking schoolboard bylaws on multiple occasions, and even went so far as to email the children of his district directly through their student emails in an attempt to bully them into complying with his personal wishes. 

It has become clear that Dr. Himsel is unconcerned by the wishes of those who he was hired to serve and is incapable of delivering on the leadership that everyone hoped he would live up to. At this point in time, we feel that the best course of action is to replace Dr. Himsel with someone who is capable and willing to meet the expectations of NACS families.

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