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Petition to Demand Immediate Removal of Pelham School Board Superintendent Scott Coefield


We The People, registered voters of the Shelby County Pelham district of the State of Alabama, are demanding the immediate removal of Scott Coefield as Superintendent of the Pelham School District. Scott Coefield has proven himself to be an unfit Superintendent for the Pelham School District. Scott Coefield has repeatedly displayed an inability to effectively guide our district which is negatively impacting the education of our students and the future of this community.

Therefore, the Community of the Pelham School District declares its complete lack of confidence in Scott Coefields leadership and respectfully requests that the Pelham School Board and Pelham City Council remove Scott Coefield from his current position as Superintendent. Examples of the community’s serious concerns and complaints include:

- Scott Coefields actions do not support teacher and staff retention. Toxic working conditions have led to quality educators and staff leaving our district.

-Scott Coefields actions demonstrate that he does not have the best interest of his staff or our children and their education as a priority.  

This is particularly concerning for a small district that has chronic difficulty recruiting staff to fill positions. This directly impacts the quality of our children’s education. During a statewide shortage, this is not the time to lose even more good teachers and staff. Our teachers are afraid to speak out against him on any level due to his tyrant style of managing. Our teachers and staff pour themselves into our children on a daily basis and deserve a leader who listens to their concerns and will work WITH them.

-Scott Coefield does not value parent/student input. We have some very talented singers at the high school level, but Pelham does not offer choir programs past middle school. The parents who spoke out and inquired about the choir program being dissolved, were told that there wasn’t enough interest in choir, even though no students were polled and it wasn’t an option to choose from when registering. How can you know if there wasn’t enough interest, if the opportunity to join was never presented? Parents and students have voiced their desire to have a choir program by writing letters and showing up to BOE meetings and speaking out on this subject to no avail. It was heartbreaking to watch the 8th graders at the end of last year’s show choir performance, crying on stage because they knew, that was the last opportunity they had to be on stage with a school choir production. Not all students are athletic and interested in sports, so to take away a performing arts class that so many are interested in is not fair. This is an example of Scott Coefield not listening to the concerns and need of our students.

We don’t want to see our community as one where the population decreases due to poor education and limited curriculum choices. We want growth and to have a reputation of a community where children have a chance to obtain a great education, where we have stable, qualified educators that return year after year. With Scott Coefield as Superintendent, we do not see that in our future.





The main and most important reason we are left with no choice but to demand immediate removal of Scott Coefield, is due to the recent board of education meeting regarding masks this year for our children. This was clearly a game of smoke and mirrors. A form of manipulation and abuse of power that prevented us from having time to prepare for or even attend the meeting in order to provide us with our constitutional right of delivering our views and concerns. All prior BOE meetings have been held at 7pm which allows working parents enough time to leave work and attend these meetings. This particular meeting however, was held at 4:30 in the afternoon, which is when the majority of parents are still at work. What was the reasoning behind this? Are the parents concerns not important to you, the Board or you, Scott Coefield? The state of Alabama’s mask mandate ended in April, yet you continued to force our children to mask up for the remainder of last school year, and falsely implied that we would not have to wear masks this school year if there was no statewide mandate in place. However, you took it upon yourself to implement a mask mandate without the input of parents and completely took the power of choice away from parents. At the board meeting, Bob O’Neal made mention of the fact that he felt like parental choice was being removed and Scott Coefield’s callus response to that concern, was that parents could pull their children from our school, (that our tax money pays for and our children are entitled to) and homeschool them or enroll them in private school. These are the options you give to a school that is in a Title 1 district? That shows just how out of touch Scott Coefield is with the members of the community he is in charge of leading and representing. Parents should be the only ones deciding if we feel it’s best for our children to carry the burden of wearing a piece of cloth over their faces for 8 plus hours a day, when there is no actual scientific proof that it does anything to prevent the spread of any virus and there is no statewide mask mandate in place. The packaging on all face coverings will tell you that they do not prevent the spread of any virus. If the point of forcing our children to wear face masks is to prevent the spread of the virus, and the face masks packaging clearly tells you they won’t, then why continue to cause psychological, physical and health issues by forcing the subject. Not to mention the distraction in the classroom these masks cause. Children need to see the faces of their teachers and peers to form personal connections. There are so many reasons these masks pose a hindrance in learning and connecting with others. The most important aspect though, is parental choice should always outweigh any school board or Superintendent’s choice when our children’s health and mental wellbeing are at stake. Masks should be optional and the choice shouldn’t be taken from the parents who know their children better than anyone else. Our children deserve better and should be able to attend school, and breathe freely the way our bodies are designed, without fear of being reprimanded or removed from school grounds or discriminated against.

Please consider our demand to remove Scott Coefield as Superintendent before he ruins our children’s future and continues to dissolve the reputation of our school system.


Parents of the Pelham City School system

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