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Impeach Beshear!

4,720 have already signed. Help us get to 5,000 !

Andy Beshear has attacked our Kentucky values throughout his tenure as governor.

He has banned church services. The 6th Federal Circuit ruled this violates the First Amendment in Roberts v. Neace.

He has banned travelling outside the state. A federal judge ruled this violates fundamental rights in Roberts v. Neace.

He has banned protest. The 6th Federal Circuit ruled this violates the First Amendment in Ramsek v. Beshear. 

He has attacked small businesses. This has led to an unemployment crisis, more than 50% of black-owned businesses going out of business, and has only benefitted large corporations.

He has destroyed our children's education. This has increased an educational divide between rich and poor in education. 

He has enacted arbitrary regulations, helping his friends and hurting his enemies.

Long story short, the lockdowns are arbitrary and a nightmare for civil liberties.

The governor must be removed for repeatedly violating our most basic rights.

Please sign this petition to impeach and remove Andy Beshear for his crimes against the Commonwealth.

Do you believe the governor must be impeached?
Do you believe Kentucky must end the practice of mandatory vaccination?
Should the Kentucky Supreme Court, who unanimously ruled to support the Beshear Lockdowns, be required to list their party affiliation when they run for reelection?
Should you be able to vote to stop the Kentucky legislature from raising your taxes?
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