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The Smile Project, Restoring Parental Rights and Our Children's Smiles

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Last July, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) was tasked with the responsibility of establishing guidelines for the Strong Start 2020 reopening of schools. Since then, our children have been test subjects in a massive medical experiment. 


There have never been safety studies on the long term use of masks by children. None. We know because we asked for them through a public records request of both the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We also addressed concerns about the safety of long term mask use by children to the Louisiana Department of Education and the BESE Board - prior to the vote to establish Strong Start guidelines. Despite recommendations by the CDC and the AAP there have never been studies conducted with children wearing masks all day long. 


That means we are acting under a grand delusion that what we are asking of children in school - learning, concentrating, studying - is effectively possible while their breathing is obstructed. We have also been deluded to believe that this is not physically or mentally harmful to them, in the short or long term. 


No studies have ever been done. 


Yet studies documenting health risks and harm from mask wearing have been done and rates of self harm, overdose, and anxiety in children/teens have increased more than 100% since the mask mandate was put in place.


The decision to mask kids should never be one made by the state. An overriding ethic in LA Children’s Code is thatparents should make the decisions regarding where and with whom the child shall reside, the educational. . .the medical. . .and preventive health care of the child…” Parents make that decision, not the State. 


An overriding ethic of The Nuremberg Code is that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. Will you continue to allow this violation of the most basic human right to stand?


Human rights are essential. Parental rights are essential. 


Now researchers are raising concerns about the long term effect on inhaling nanoparticles from masks in a study titled Need for assessing the inhalation of micro(nano)plastic debris shed from masks, respirators, and home-made face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


How safe are the Strong Start guidelines if we now have to worry about possible lung damage from nanoparticles from long term mask use required to attend school? This has the potential to turn into something like the asbestos debacle.  And remember according to Act 9, liability is waived for schools only when “such action or inaction is determined to be grossly negligent or wanton or reckless misconduct.” Mandating a medical intervention without evaluating the safety of that intervention is grossly negligent and BESE was made aware of safety concerns before establishing these new guidelines. 


Schools must remove the mask mandate immediately and make parents aware of the possible harm from inhaling nanoparticles from masks. Safe Start guidelines lack a crucial element: safety.  


Masks must be a choice, a decision left to parents. 


Parents have a sacred right to protect their children, not their “neighbor.” When it is more and more evident that the guidelines are subjective and not based on sound science - two masks seem to work better than one, three feet should work instead of six, etc. - it is well past time to regain control of what should have never been taken from us—our parental right to choose which medical interventions are best for our children. 

It is time to see the smiles on our kids’ faces again. Masks must be a parent’s decision, not the state’s or private entities’.


Please join The Smile Project - a grassroots effort to get the masks off our children, because Smiles Are Essential. We have provided tools for you to use to connect with your legislators. Make sure they know that all medical decisions belong to the parent, not the State and not the CDC.

Will you join our fight to restore parental rights and make masks a parent's decision?

We believe that parents and guardians should be the sole decision makers regarding whether or not their child wears a mask. Will you join us in the fight to restore our children's smiles?
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