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Petition to the West Chester Are School District Administration and Board of Directors

Stop all forms of CRT in the WCASD!

Today Americans appear to be more deeply divided than ever concerning the meaning of their Country, its history, and how it should be governed. Resolution of these differences will be necessary for our Constitutional Republic to remain intact and for our children and future generations to enjoy the economic progress, liberty, freedom and equality that we have experienced during our lifetimes. The main reason for the recent differences is the growing acceptance of Critical Theory (CT) also referred to as Critical Race Theory (CRT) and/or Identity Politics (IP).

CT/CRT is a fundamentally flawed concept that appears to promote good superficially, but actually promotes racist, discriminatory and divisive concepts. CT separates people into Groups by characteristics like race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation rather than as individuals with unalienable (or God given) rights to be judged by their character, which is the intent of the Founders and, more recently, the highly esteemed Dr. Martin Luther King.  In CT, Groups are divided into “oppressor” groups and “victim” groups. The more the Group is considered oppressed, the more the members of that Group are provided a moral claim in the name of “social justice” upon the rest of society, particularly by the Groups considered to be the oppressors. CRT theorists advocate that racism (“systematic racism”) itself has become genetically internalized into the American conscious. CT and its extreme ideology divides Americans by placing them perpetually in conflict with each other by assaulting and undermining the fundamental American founding principle of Equality. Adoption of these theories have become more widespread and are now being instituted into the government, private industry and now our local public educational system.  We expect excellence in public education not indoctrination.

By the way of this petition, we the undersigned, are asking the West Chester Area School District Board of School Directors and School Administrators to reject the introduction, implementation or incorporation of CT in any form (directly or indirectly) into the training of teachers, school curricula and related classroom resources. This specifically includes, but is not limited to the following:

·       Direct promotion and instruction of CT

·       Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE)

·       1619 Project 

·       Racial Sensitivity

·       Racism

·       Anti-Bias

·       Critical Ethnic Studies

·       Action Civics

·       Critical Self Awareness 

We will not accept indoctrination!

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