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Critical Race Theory has been banned by Governor DeSantis, but is still taught in Pasco Schools.

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Parents, did you know that Critical Race Theory (CRT), a gateway into Marxism as well as dividing and pitting our children against each other, was banned by Gov. Desantis on May 24th, 2021. Still, our school district willfully ignores the Governor and teaches it in the schools funded by our tax dollars. As recent as their last board meeting on June 1st, 2021, they approved funding to do just that!! 

The Pasco School board chose to purchase teaching aids from the DBQ Project, an organization with widely radical left-leaning ideals used to indoctrinate our children. The curriculum of this company has many lessons containing Critical Race Theory. CRT teaches that America is systematically racist and that one's skin color and political choices determine their worth as a human being. This company has multiple examples of revisionist history in their lessons, and that rewritten history is being taught to our children. This is not the only way these organizations are busting through to brainwash our children, either! 

As a new school year begins, the word "Equity" is the new buzzword. Equity and equality are different - equity means everyone wins no matter how hard they work - equity is the trapdoor to Marxism. Equity is a dangerous word in education, and Marxism is not American. Do we need to change the names of streets or buildings if they bear historical figures that do not satisfy present moral or political sensibilities? Should history texts be rewritten to diminish their emphasis on our flawed heroes while increasing the teaching of racial, ethnic, and gender minorities? In short, should we be about the business of erasing, rewriting, apologizing for, protecting against, knocking down, or covering up our history as many have proposed?


Did you know that our school board has created an equity manager responsible for ensuring the county is equitable, not equal? Let that sink in!

In Florida, our Governor is worried about the same issues, which is why, on May 24th, 2021, Governor Desantis took action to ban CRT curriculums in all Florida schools. The Governor stated, "It's offensive to the taxpayer that they would be asked to fund critical race theory." CRT is an ideology that teaches kids to hate each other and their country."

However, the Pasco County School board ignored this order by the Governor just as they ignored the lifting of the mask mandates passed on May 3rd, 2021. 

On June 1st, 2021, the Pasco County School board voted to fund teaching materials from the "DBQ Project," an institute that provides lessons for teachers. DBQ Project promotes "Equity" and CRT ideology in their curriculum, which the Pasco County School board has chosen to implement - and worst of all, as taxpayers, we are funding it.

On the website, they provide examples of the student manual; here are a few examples:


"What Were the Underlying Causes of the Tulsa Race Massacre?"

Overview: On June 1st, 1921, a mob of white Tulsans looted and burned the Greenwood district of Tusla, Oklahoma. Many people died. The majority - 300 were African-Amerian. What happened was not a riot but an organized attack on an established African American Community. 

It later states in the same article:

 "White city leaders looked on and even helped. At the time, it was reported that 36 people died, 26 African-American and 10 whites."

The article contradicts itself. There is a significant difference between 300 dead and 36 dead.

This event was a terrible moment in history, and it should be brought to light - however, it should be taught with correct information that does not embellish the facts. There could have been more than 36 people killed - but without records, we don't know how many people died or what color they were? It's challenging to state that 300 African-Americans died without proof.  

Here is an excerpt from the DBQ Project History Module:

"How Democratic Was Andrew Jackson?"

"A few words about Jackson's understanding of democracy are in order. Jackson and others of his time distinguished between something called Republicanism and democracy. Republicanism might be thought of as cautious democracy. This idea placed an elite group of men - mostly lawyers, merchants, and wealthy farmers - between the common man and power. The electoral system is a good example of Republicanism. The people vote for electors, and electors vote for the president. The Founding Fathers created this system so that the electors could change an unwise choice by the common voter. Election to the U.S. Senate before 1913 was another example of Republicanism." 

Referring to the "Electoral College" as a system created by our Founding Fathers to change an unwise choice" is factually incorrect and proves the DBQ Project's bias in rewriting history.

Merriam-webster defines Republicanism as:

Definition of Republicanism

1adherence to or sympathy for a republican form of government

2the principles or theory of republican government

NOT what the DQB Project Claims Republicanism is! 

The Electoral College is defined as:

Electoral College

A body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the president and vice president of the U.S.

NOT what the DBQ Project says Electoral College is!! 

Simply put, these lessons encourage children to judge individuals by their political standing and skin color, not on their merits as a person or what's in their hearts.

 We cannot allow our children to be taught a revisionist history of hate-culture philosophy and then be expected to pay for it. 

As parents, it's time we stand up and fight for our children's education! WE NEED YOU TO JOIN THE FIGHT; IF WE DON'T DO IT, WHO WILL? WE MUST REQUIRE  that our children have an unbiased education, free from CRT and any other radical left or right political agendas - PLEASE Sign this petition and let the Pasco County Schools Board know they need to STOP CRT in our schools. 

If you want to make your voice known, we need you to come to the Pasco County School board meeting and speak out; they are held twice a month ( a day meeting and an evening meeting) at the following location:

7227 Land O' Lakes Boulevard

District School Board of Pasco County

Land O' Lakes, Florida 34638Below is a link to the meeting schedule:

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