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Change Cahaba Valley Fire District Dues to a Flat Rate

The Cahaba Valley Fire District currently collects dues from Single Family Homes (SFHs) with a 12 tier system based on home value. Collecting dues based on home value is wrong. The service provided is the same for all SFHs. Only 19% of calls are fire related in the CVFD, leaving 81% non-fire related. Homeowners with higher value homes do not pay more for garbage service, gas, electricity, groceries, internet, and so on. Why should they pay more for fire dues? It's wrong.

The CVFD could institute a true flat rate of $280.69 to produce their current budgeted income of $3,600,000. If you divide $1,500,000, the current SFH revenue, by 5,344 SFHs (current number of SFHs in the district) you get $280.69. Compare the $280.69 flat rate to the image at the top showing the dues after the proposed 65% increase.

Make the CVFD live within their means. They already have the ability to raise dues up to 5% each year without a vote by the residents. They need to live within their means by raising dues, when truly necessary, up to the 5% limit they are allowed by law without a vote by residents. Like the federal government, and government in general, the CVFD doesn't have an income problem, they have a want to spend more and more problem. Examples: Purchasing a bobcat type machine to move trees out of roadways, which will need a truck to haul it of course, upgrading from ISO-2 to ISO-1 which is basically a useless designation change in terms of savings to residents, moving the Lee Branch station up closer to Brookhighland, and building a new station by Shoal Creek to house a smaller fire truck for smaller roads. These are all just wants, not needs.

Remember, increasing the staff of CVFD can easily be accomplished by utilizing the ability, they already have, of making increases to the dues by up to 5% each year.

Sign the petition to let the Cahaba Valley Fire District know it's residents want a true flat rate that is affordable and fair for all single family homes for a service that is the same for all residents.


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