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Mandates and Moving Forward

You battled in the trenches throughout the pandemic when supplies were short.  You were forced to reuse personal protective equipment because there was not enough of it to go around.  The medical doctors would not even come into the rooms and assess the patients while you slaved away at the bedside for 12-14 hours a day to save the lives of patients!  You are the backbone of the medical system and you are the heroes that they are trying to toss to the wayside because you want to preserve your bodily autonomy or, perhaps you already have natural immunity.  Maybe you have seen and cared for the victims of the vaccine injured from these experimental vaccines or you morally object to being complicit in the practice of abortion.  Being a science-minded person you know that the scientific data does not support that these vaccines are safe or effective and you want more time while human clinical trials are completed. So why is the government using their power to force your employer to steal your constitutional rights?  Want to know what you can do to help yourself during this very difficult time? 

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