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Stop the hijacking of public education

We demand North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt permanently suspend her Department of Instruction's Culturally Responsive Teaching / Transgender program, which seeks to instill racial and gender stereotyping and scapegoating into every classroom in the state. Superintendent Truitt's department is longing for the a day when educators teach Critical Race Theory / Transgender studies in North Carolina schools via a Culturally Responsive Teaching program. This intensive program would be led by at least two facilitators who have publicly labeled swaths of parents and educators "white supremacists" and who support Black Lives Matter and so-called Critical Race Theory as core curricula. Truitt's DPI was planning a George Soros / Bill Gates intensive nine-week training stint for teachers and principals ... until it was halted, for the time being, due to exposure by an activist organization that is the avowed enemy of Left wing education schemes, Education First Alliance NC.

We call on the Moore County Board of Education to reject Truitt's mission to hijack public education by shining light on the Left leaning State Board of Education, on which Truitt sits. We call on vigilance toward the themes central to the Left's agenda, including:

  • Math is racist
  • Children and parents must be stereotyped based on race
  • Gay, black, and ethnic students always are victims of teachers' bigotry
  • Censorship of all conventional teaching curricula   

Would you attend a seminar in Moore County to learn how Critical Race Theory curricula jeopardize public school education?
Would you attend a meeting of the Moore County Board of Education to read a public statement demanding board transparency about curriculum revisions?
Have you considered removing a child from public education during the past 12 months?
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