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No Critical Race Theory

Are you tired of not getting your tax dollars worth of education for your children? Are you aware of what is really being taught in the classrooms around the country and here in Milton? 

Indoctrination not education is the backbone of the new education programs being thrusted upon our children without you even knowing it. 

Do you know what Diversity in Behavior and Inclusive Equity Training is? Did you know Milton Public Schools has opted to create that DBIET Director position while abolishing several academic positions for this? 

This Diversity in Behavior and Inclusivity Equity Training is just another title for CRT, "Critical Race Theory". It is Marxist in origins and its very historical roots was all about destruction. 

This is a dangerous theory. It is in our school infiltrating ALL topics. It teaches children to despise another group because they have been taught they themselves are now oppressed and equity is not at their grasp because of their skin color. 

Martin Luther King Jr is dismissed and 'Juneteenth' (is not a number) is a sacrosanct day to be observed, but not Flag Day or Independence Day, as the 1619 Project teaches hate for those exact days. 

Feeling over facts are being opined as academics, and histrionics over history is taught. 

CRT is dangerous as well as damaging, as it teaches envy and hate. Help us to teach pride in our community and country. Help us fight CRT from continuing in our schools, color doesn't matter only character. 

Please support our work in this urgent matter. 

Sign this petition and we can win this now, and for the future.

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