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Missouri Public Schools are Heading in the Wrong Direction, Parents Demand School Choice

Tell your legislators that you are fed up with the direction of public schools in Missouri. Public educators have put academic excellence in the back seat, giving priority to a culture that serves to demoralize and divide students. Could it be that the education system has placed so much importance on funding and demographics that is unable to view students as unique individuals? Many families understand this kind of curriculum goes too far but are left with few affordable options to public education. Issues facing parents include:  

  • One third of Missouri students are not proficient in English language arts
  • Less than half are proficient in math
  • Critical Race Theory based curriculum is sweeping across the state
  • Gender dysphoria is becoming an epidemic

If this is what it means to be accountable to the tax payers, then their measurements have failed. Our students deserve better. One way parents can take hold of the reigns of accountability is being able to choose the type of education that works best for their children. School Choice bills HB349 and SB55 in the Missouri Senate would establish Educational Savings Accounts, giving parents the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to use toward a variety of educational expenses to include private school tuition, homeschooling, and virtual education. If you agree public education has taken a sharp turn in the wrong direction then let them know it’s time to change course. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, or concerned citizen, please sign the petition today to show your support for school choice legislation.

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