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Call to action: Indiana General Assembly Should Consider Harsher Sentences for Sex Offenders

Indiana General Assembly called upon to author, amend, and vote on record to pass Child Exploitation Protection Legislation

Similar to Arizona House Bill 2889 (AZ HB 2889), which was passed last year, we, the lobbying citizens of Indiana call on the 100 house representatives of the Indiana General Assembly to write and record a roll call vote regarding legislation that will hold convicted sex offenders accountable.

AZ HB 2889 ensures convicted sex offenders do not have the option of probation, parole, or work release. Meaning that an individual serving a 10-20 year sentence would not have a chance of early release. This keeps our streets safer for our children.

Natural life sentences for repeat offenders. In most instances, people deserve a second chance. Viable for most scenarios, there should be harsher sentences to imprison convicted sex offenders for life, by / given a second chance. A natural life sentence for any repeat offender should be included in this legislation. The victim is stuck living with the trauma for the remainder of his or her life so should the convicted offender have a constant, daily reminder.

Full jury trials. Alleged sex offenders must see full jury trials. Never should a survivor's story be compromised for a plea bargain. Sentence limits should be left to judges in these cases. There should be no minimum or maximum time in conjunction with breaking this sort of moral law, sans the aforementioned life sentencing for any convicted repeat offender. Innocent victims should never be charged, and their stories deserve to be heard.

Life registration. Convicted sex offenders should be required to register for life, with no opportunity to expunge the most vial of acts from any documented record.

Eliminate statute of limitations. In closing, we would propose that the statute of limitations be left open, especially concerning violent sex crimes. Sometimes these victims need an understandably longer amount of time to tell their stories.

Thank you for taking time to read and consider our proposal. Your constituents will all have representatives who they can be proud of representing their districts. We should constantly improve and create specific laws to better protect survivors. Improving and budgeting for recovery programs within the state's funding could assist with one of the most important parts of the rehabilitation process.

Not only do we want to help, protect, and prevent victims from any sort of violent, sexual abuse, but we want to hold all of these convicted violent offenders accountable for their actions.

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